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Customised Publishing

Be it book or magazine,we create interesting content, wonderful photography, great design, and good quality finish. The craft of the book is celebrated as much as the information it contains.

Circuit Creative is a contract publishing agency with expertise in all key publishing disciplines and an all-inclusive service - from concept through design and composition straight through to pre-press services and release-to-print, linking virtually all print media.

The firm specializes in

  • Editorial Management
  • Design & Layout Services
  • Editorial and Research Services

Our Label

In this series, We focus on intriguing developments in contemporary urban living and conclude that home is where the heart is. The books are an effort to induce long term changes in mindset. As understanding is essential to negotiate your life and living conditions, the series hope to be a fascinating trawl through time, space, memory and imagination. The books are of this great city, as well as a link to the vast urban tapestry.

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Customized palm sized cards of recycled paper, PIP THAT card boxes contains the exact information you need to convey. The cards can be made according to custom design and can be used to get eyeballs on specific aspects. The series is open to experimentation, interpretation and is much cheaper than a regular book.

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